How to compute for your perimeter fence

For an easy way to figure out how much your fence will cost, this guide shows you, in simple steps, how to measure your fence area and work out the total price.

Measurement Guide

m = meters

Tiered Price Points

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Special Promo Discount

Below is the special PROMO discount pricing, tiered based on height:

Dimensions (Height x Length) Price
1m height X 1m length P4,900
1.5m height X 1m length P6,500
2m height X 1m length P7,600
2.5m height X 1m length P9,400
3m height X 1m length P11,200


1) Measure your perimeter height and length in METERS.

** Then to compute the estimated cost, choose the corresponding tier Height above, then multiply this price by your desired perimeter length (in meters) for your fence.

If your perimeter height is 1 Meter and length is 10 meters:
So the total cost of the project is P 4,900 x 10 meters = P49,000

2) Note this price already includes the supply of PVC bamboo materials and labor for installation. If applicable, we can also dismantle your old true bamboo for FREE as part of our package. 

— You may send your preliminary measurement (in meters) so we can help give you the estimate.

* If you are okay with the initial estimate, then my Ops tech manager can schedule a site visit to do the final measurement and send a formal proposal.

—- Truly, this is a great long-term and economical investment for your home improvement needs!

— ALL our clients are highly satisfied! Client testimonials are available upon request.

  • Price indicated herein may be subject to change as the cost of raw materials may vary at a particular point in time.
  • The price indicated in the proposal would contain the updated current price.
  • All our proposals are valid for only 2 months to protect against price fluctuations.