Frequently-Asked Questions

Hello and a big welcome! If you’re curious about our PVC Bamboos, you’re in just the right place. Whether you’re considering installing one, maintaining it, or just want to know what makes it so special, we’ve gathered the most common questions and their answers right here.  Our aim is to help you understand everything about PVC Bamboo fences – from their durability to design tips.

How is the maintenance of the PVC bamboos?

Our PVC bamboos is very low maintenance You may wash it with water in a hose;  If needed, after 10 ++  years, we can  do acrylic emulsion service in case you want to have a cleaner look since dust may have settled onto it.

How much is the cost of PVC Bamboos?

Cost depends on the dimension of your perimeter (i.e. Height and Length). 

An approximate is for every 1 meter x 1 meter ( 1 square meter), the cost is P4,900.   This already includes PVC bamboo materials and labor installation already. 

** Example. if your perimeter length is 10 meters and your preferred tier height for PVC bamboos is 1 meter, then the cost is
P4900 x 10 meters = P49,000.
Please refer to our pricing page for your preferred tiered height. 

**Note that our pricing in the website  may be subject to change since the cost of raw materials may change over time.

  • Price indicated herein may be subject to change as the cost of raw materials may vary at a particular point in time.
  • The price indicated in the proposal would contain the updated current price.
  • All our proposals are valid for only 2 months to protect against price fluctuations.
Will it chip? Will it fade? Is it heat resistant?

Generally it will not chip and fade as it is hand painted using a special secret paint formula technology used in automotive paint.  It is definitely longer lasting than a true bamboo and can last several years with no need to replace it.  It is heat resistant and weatherproof against rain and sun exposure.

How long is the project before it is finished?

Depending on the length of the perimeter, it could range from 2 weeks to 1 month which includes fabrication of the bamboos in the warehouse and installation onsite. 

Is there a need for steel frame reinforcement to support the PVC bamboos?

Yes, definitely the client would need to have a steel frame reinforcement to support our PVC bamboo product. This is necessary so that the PVC bamboos will be sturdy to withstand forces of nature. If client has existing steel frame reinforcement (used to support old true bamboos), our Ops tech team will check if it is still viable so that there is no need to have additional expense for steel frame support.

Based on ocular, we will inform you if we need to just do minor repair on the steel frame in order to make it look fresher again.

How much is the steel frame reinforcement?

Our team can give separate quotation for steel frame support. This depends again on the height and length of your perimeter wall.

It can range from P 1200- P 2500 per meter. You may also opt to have the steel frame support installed by your contractor or we can do this for you as well and include in the proposal.

Is there a need for cover on top of the PVC bamboos?

Since this is not a real bamboo, it is not necessary to have a top cover since rainwater will just flow out naturally at the bottom. Old true bamboos usually need cover as it decays and can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. But with our PVC bamboo product, it is made of hard solid plastic and is not subject to decay , rotting or warping.

However, if client still prefers to have cover, then we can include this as optional in our proposal. We can put either metal sheet cover or half of a PVC bamboo on top. Again, not necessary– but we will abide by our client’s preference.

Where is your showroom?

We are based in Ayala Alabang Village , Muntinlupa City and our showroom is located here as well.

You may contact us at 0917-885-3374 to schedule an appointment to visit our installed PVC bamboos and view our beautiful sample PVC color variants as well.

Our production facility is currently located in Cavite.