About Us

Get to know about our company

IDMATIC TRADING, established in 2013 is engaged in marketing a wide range of products from healthcare, safety equipment and home improvements. Initially, the company started as a distributor of both brand new and quality refurbished surgical and medical equipment and instruments in the Philippines. In 2022, to keep up with the growth in consumer industry, the company branched out to home improvement specifically to market, supply and install top quality PVC Bamboo -Natural perimeter fence, targeting primarily premiere residential villages and resorts in the country.


Our Mission is to improve lives and general well-being in various communities all over the country thru a) better healthcare and b) home improvement by utilizing the best quality and yet affordable array of products such as the use of innovative laparoscopic surgical equipment to support the health industry ; and also marketing environment friendly PVC bamboos-natural as a perimeter fence for our client’s home requirements.

Our company’s key market differentiator and strength is the combination of supplying and installing quality, modernized and affordable products specifically:

Laparoscopic equipment coupled with an Educational hands-on Certified training program for the surgeons and nurses of the hospital community, thereby ensuring maximum hospital utilization of the equipment and ultimately resulting in faster patient recovery and better surgical outcome

Utilizing a special paint formula technology for producing PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Bamboos -Natural finish perimeter fence, which are environmentally friendly , long lasting, with anti rust, anti termite and low maintenance features which will ultimately uplift, brighten and provide a safe, clean, calming and modern perimeter backdrop, while maintaining privacy to our client’s residential homes/resorts.